HomeKit - FIXED!

I was about to give up. Homekit was repeatedly loosing connections to devices, they might reappear for day and then vanish again. Bought and then sent back products because I thought they were defective, bought new ones and sent them back too. Wasn’t sure how the whole Thread/Matter/WiFi setups worked together or not. For months I lived with it. Sometimes it worked differently on my iPhone than on the iPad. And then even differently on my desktop. Apple, why did you do this to me?

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Advocating for Equal Rights

My mom was a bright high school student in the 1950s at Derby High School, she often found herself one of the few girls in upper-level science and math classes. Her family couldn’t afford to send her off to college but with a small family loan she was able to enroll and then eventually graduate from Wesley Nursing School in Wichita. In those days these two-year programs had students living on premise, taking classes, and effectively interning all at same time.

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She Never Met a Stranger

My mother Jessie died on January 3rd, thankfully in peace with my sister by her side. Lea and I had been with her most of the last few days, myself seeing her just a few hours before she left. Mom was admitted into the hospital on the 30th for breathing issues (non-Covid related) and never fully recovered. She was 80 years old.

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Jessie Ruddle McCamon (1940-2021)

Jessie Kemp Ruddle McCamon of Topeka, Kansas died peacefully on January 3 with her daughter by her side. Her two children Mike and Lea had been with her during the final days of her life after being admitted into the hospital on the 30th for health issues (non-Covid related). She was 80 years old.

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The Rise of the Attentive Class

How did you find this article? When it comes to the latest news, where did you go to find it?

I’ve done a fair amount of research on the velocity of messages on social media. My goal was to efficiently leverage and in some cases, game sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, to raise awareness for the international water crisis. Much of what I saw helps explain how machine-curated news and social media have changed what we know and when we know it but has also pushed us into our own black hole of agreeable viewpoints.

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