The Attention Manifesto

The rules have changed. We need a new way to think about spreading messages in our online world. The ongoing diffusion of technology continues to reshape what we as a society discover, learn, create, and share. For my parents’ generation Walter Cronkite helped to shape our conversations; today that is determined by the Attentive Class. How to think about our new world? The Attention Manifesto.

  1. The rarest natural resource of western life is attention.
  2. Attention is the currency of the online world.
  3. Wealth online is measured by the market for disposable attention.
  4. Those with the highest disposable attention are among the Attentive Class.
  5. The Attentive Class consumes, creates, and curates our world’s news.
  6. Unlike traditional segmentation, the Attentive Class defy age, gender, and education.
  7. The velocity of memes are directly correlated to its appeal for the Attentive Class.
  8. “Celebrity” is transforming for in today’s online world, we are all famous for 15 friends.
  9. Genuine communicators sharing heartfelt narratives trump hysterical narcissists.
  10. Mobile presents new opportunities to monetize boredom in the attention economy.
  11. This is not new. What has changed is the ongoing diffusion of connectedness.

Thanks to Ellen for suggesting #9!