my gtd hack: sync to paper

A good friend of mine recently encouraged me to give the HipsterPDA a try using the GTD system of organization. I had a few problems to overcome. First was the fact that I like to keep most of my stuff on the computer as opposed to 100% paper. Yet at the same time I don’t have my computer with me all the time.

What I needed was a way to sync my HipsterPDA with my Mac. So I’ve been known to goof around with AppleScript (I’m a marketing guy) and I thought it might be a fun project.

So… I enter all my items into iCal. I like to organize my Next Actions by client so it was natural to just assign the Task (iCal’s term) into the appropriate client’s calendar. Then I created new calendars for @Someday, @Projects, @Waiting for, etc. No appointments here, just items.

Then I went to print. Crap. I can’t print just the Task list - I have to take the Calendar too. Enter AppleScript. With a little copy and pasting from code I found around the web I came up with a script to print only the Tasks of a selected Calendar. I also modified that script to print me all my Next Actions from all my Calendars.

And another cool benefit? Since I use iSync too, all my Tasks are also on my Bluetooth enabled phone. No more forgetting the milk on the way home. Hallelujah!

Download scripts from **here**. They might look they don’t do anything but they do copy Tasks to the Clipboard. Once it runs, just go to your favorite word processor and paste. Disclaimer: I’m an idiot, they don’t work and I can’t help you much to figure out why they don’t work for you.

If you are having problems with the scripts, **here is a link** that displays the scripts as raw text. Need to copy into two different files (both scripts listed in the text file).