UV-C Lightbulb Setup

So Jody and I were going stir crazy and we needed to get away. One of our concerns during these times was to clean surfaces in hotel rooms during the coronavirus outbreak. Jody found a solution with UV-C lights. No warranties if it works (you can’t see if it works) but here is our setup.


The first item is the UV-C light with a remote control socket. The other product is a socket with a toggle switch that gets plugged into the wall. We tried a socket without a toggle switch, but I liked the peace of mind of an actual switch on the socket as well as the remote.

When we travel I also bring an old (regular) light bulb so I can get everything setup. You are not supposed to look at the light or let it touch your skin so you have to turn it on remotely.

  1. Plug in all the sockets with the REGULAR light bulb and make sure it’s all turned on (using the remote to confirm you can turn off and then on again.
  2. Turn off USING the remote. Confirm by turning ON and then back OFF with the remote.
  3. Replace the old light with the UV-C bulb.
  4. Leave the room (or be around the corner) and turn on the light with the remote and then click the 30min timer on the remote.
  5. Leave the room for 60min (30min for the light and then 30min cool off period).
  6. When you return the light should be off and you’re ready to unplug everything.