Advanced examples

Swiss Alps


You can enable MathJax by setting mathjax: true on a page or globally in the _config.yml. Some examples:

Euler’s formula relates the complex exponential function to the trigonometric functions.


The Euler-Lagrange differential equation is the fundamental equation of calculus of variations.

\[\frac{\mathrm{d}}{\mathrm{d}t} \left ( \frac{\partial L}{\partial \dot{q}} \right ) = \frac{\partial L}{\partial q}\]

The Schrödinger equation describes how the quantum state of a quantum system changes with time.

\[i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t} \Psi(\mathbf{r},t) = \left [ \frac{-\hbar^2}{2\mu}\nabla^2 + V(\mathbf{r},t)\right ] \Psi(\mathbf{r},t)\]


Embed code by putting {% highlight language %} {% endhighlight %} blocks around it. Adding the parameter linenos will show source lines besides the code.

static void asyncEnabled(Dict* args, void* vAdmin, String* txid, struct Allocator* requestAlloc)
    struct Admin* admin = Identity_check((struct Admin*) vAdmin);
    int64_t enabled = admin->asyncEnabled;
    Dict d = Dict_CONST(String_CONST("asyncEnabled"), Int_OBJ(enabled), NULL);
    Admin_sendMessage(&d, txid, admin);


With the jekyll-gist plugin, which is preinstalled on Github Pages, you can embed gists simply by using the gist command:


Upload an image to the assets folder and embed it with ![title](/assets/name.jpg)). Keep in mind that the path needs to be adjusted if Jekyll is run inside a subfolder.

A wrapper div with the class large can be used to increase the width of an image or iframe.


Flower by Tj Holowaychuk

Embedded content

You can also embed a lot of stuff, for example from YouTube, using the embed.html include.