bluetooth v cluetrain

bluetooth v cluetrain

This year is the 10-year anniversary of both Bluetooth technology and the Cluetrain Manifesto; probably the two biggest influences in my professional life over this past decade as well. It got me wondering, “which one has been more successful?” Most…



Ever since 1991 I have dreamed of running a software company. You know the drill. Couple of folks working insane hours in a no-rules, no-stupidity environment to deliver an insanely great product that will be the talk of the industry….

your most cherished dreams

A few months ago I got an interesting note in a fortune cookie. It read, “Hold onto your most cherished dreams.” As usual, this fortune was authored as a generality and therefore would apply to most anyone but for some…

what I learned last year

People don’t change. Contrary to what we would like to think, it takes quite a bit to get people to really change. So much so, I would argue it is very, very rare that people change over the long run….

my gtd hack: sync to paper

A good friend of mine recently encouraged me to give the HipsterPDA a try using the GTD system of organization. I had a few problems to overcome. First was the fact that I like to keep most of my stuff…