Looking for a Job? Try Facebook

helpw.jpgIf you’re out there looking for a job and would like to get in with a moderate to large company here’s a trick you might want to give a try. After endless hours plowing the web and job sites, after filling out mountains of forms for each job you’ve found interesting and countless calls trying to network; why not try this idea?

Pick where you want to work and advertise yourself to that audience on Facebook. No guarantees – but it might just might get you noticed.

Here’s how you do it. Visit Facebook’s advertising site. Create an ad that links back to your resume or blog. When you define your audience, enter your dream company into the “Workplace” field. Estimate how old your hiring manager would likely be to narrow the hit list. Interested in working for Apple? There are about 960 people on Facebook who live in California, work at Apple and are over the age of 29. Set your budget and date range (maybe run for a couple of days to test) and see what happens.

Not sure how effective this approach might be … you are approaching someone for a job in a very off-hours social context but you never know. And be forewarned this clever idea might get old fast. If you pay for clicks, limit your exposure to $5 a day, the weekly expense isn’t so bad.

The timeless Parachute job searching book had a quote that I think is timeless and helped sustain me through one such search: Remember that all those “no’s” just get you closer to the one “yes” you need. And who knows? It just might work.