The Results are In…

model.jpgWell my experiment is over. I have been probed, pricked, lifted up and weighed down and the results are in: my life survey is done. While I watched results coming I began to feel guilty as only a complete egomaniac would ever think they were worthy of a survey. Thank goodness I didn’t ask that question.

My rationale for the survey was simple: the past few years have been challenging for me and I wanted to take an inventory. And more than fifty folks I know took the time to fill out the survey. I included folks I knew would likely slam me and others I had expected kind words. But of course this survey does suffer from a sampling error for to be included I need to have your email address which automatically excludes folks whom I don’t want to stay in contact with in life. I also pruned that list to include folks I thought had relatively recent experiences with me so as to get a relatively current view.

The full results can be downloaded from here. Basically there weren’t any gigantic surprises. One of my bigger worries lately has been that I don’t listen enough and can be stubborn. The results reflected that concern. However, in some of the free form comments it seems that at times I could be more assertive and determined. Also digging a little further with some cross-tabbing I could see some modest correlation between lack of listening and stubbornness which isn’t surprising. Also got hit for not being a team player while others felt my independent thinking was one of my bigger strengths.

Needless to say it’s not hard to see I’m not a “big-company” sort of person. Politics have killed me a few times and from the suggested development opportunities I can see a need for conflict resolution skills as well.

So in summary: I talk more than I listen. I am reliable. I can be stubborn. I am nearly always sincere, have good to excellent communications skills and have good leadership skills. I am realistic, very creative, very innovative, often idealistic, very honest, very caring, often motivated and energetic while occasionally negative. And I am average when it comes to pragmatism, organization, aggression and assertiveness. Not such a bad list.

And the most important thing I learned? I have many caring friends that want to see me happy and successful. I already knew that, but today I have hard data to back it up and that is always good. Thanks again to all who participated.